The answer is easy…YES!

Every 6K-7.5K miles under normal driving conditions; 10K for mostly highway miles.  Tire rotation is necessary because front tires wear out faster than rear tires due to turning.  Upon inspection, you will notice that the front tires start to have rounded edges on the outside from turning and can also start to cup if not rotated for extended periods of time.

Left unrotated, front tires can also cause a vibration in the steering wheel while driving because of advanced wear/cupping in the front tires.  Regular tire rotations will ensure even tread wear among all four tires and a smoother ride for the life of the tires.

Additionally, most people don’t check their air pressure on a regular basis.  Low tire pressure causes excessive wear, cupping, vehicle pulling in one direction while driving, reduced gas mileage, etc.  An under-inflated tire can reduce tread life as much as 25% and fuel mileage up to 5%.   During tire rotations, we ensure that all tire pressures are set optimally for your vehicle.

Also, a great FREE perk with tire rotations is Car TLC will always inspect your brake pads for wear and let you know when it’s time to replace them.  Instead of waiting until you hear that grinding sound when your brake pads are gone and causing additional damage.